In the Rainforest Where Blood Is Green

by heytherewildflower

jaguar  croc.jpg

After Dying

after dying, feed my body to a captured cat so it can taste coagulated blood and smell mean skunk on his breath–

to know the gut feeling of human inside him, an anchor in the belly.

to be shit, a bloody sausage, malingering in the grass.

Use me then as compost for a rehabilitated forest he is destined not to haunt.

Crocodile Vs. Jaguar

She snaps her jaws around his jaws as she laps up the blood. His snout trembling shut, hers closing tremendously, inch by inch, splintering scales, piercing the brain, like arrows through apple, spoiled in mud.

heaving from her golden nose and eyes blasted backwards with madness

Anaconda Vs. Jaguar 

The whirlpool snaps her paw and flings… leaves froth, stuck on writhing bodies:

a swarm of slimy greenish bricks and flaming amber rosettes, their tales erect, two stems crackling, antennae in the electric eye…

ribs snap like popcorns. Half decapitated, the bulb, stuck on fang, swings from its punishing body like a loose door.